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Comparing Structural Funds Systems and Projects in the Area of Financial Instruments Cagliari, Sardinia (IT), 4-5 December 2017




08.30 Briefing in hotel on Objectives of the Programme and Practicalities
Marco Lopriore, Expert, European Policies Unit, EIPA, Maastricht (NL)

08.45 Departure with transfer from hotel Regina Margherita to Managing Authority

Managing Authority ESF, via Roma 253 (Sala Anfiteatro), Cagliari. Contact: Gabriele Pazzola, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Assessorato del Lavoro, formazione professionale, cooperazione e sicurezza sociale Servizio si supporto all’Autorità di Gestione PO FSE Responsabile gruppo di lavoro E – Strumenti finanziari, programmazione, gestione, monitoraggio e controllo, 

09.00 Welcome
Virginia Mura Assessore, Assessorato del lavoro, formazione professionale, cooperazione e sicurezza sociale, Regione Sardegna

Financial instruments in Sardinia 2014-2020
Luca Galassi, Head of the ESF Managing Authority

Microcredito; Social Impact Investments
Marta Testa, Brussels Office, Regione Sardegna

The perspective of a beneficiary of microcredit

Andrea Ortu, Manager of Boat & Breakfast (tourism)

Management issues; Inclusive finance
Annalisa Ponti and Massimo Concas, Financial Intermediary, SFIRS

11.00 Coffee break (delivered by Le Plus Bon – Telefono +39.070.652976 – Luisa– leplusbon2@gmail.com

11.30 Departure from Regione Sardegna with transfer to Confindustria venue

12.00 Venue:
Confindustria Sardegna, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Piazza Deffenu Attilio 9, Cagliari Sonia Orfei Cell. 3334025555 and Uff. 070 650600

Global Grant from ERDF/ESF to support businesses
Sonia Orfei, Confindustria Sardegna, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Microfinance initiatives in Italian Operational Programmes
Giovanni Nicola Pes, Deputy Secretary General, Ente Nazionale Microcredito

Video connection of EIB/EIF on social finance

13.00 Lunch (at the expense of participants) at
Ci Pensa Cannas, Via Sardegna, 37 tel: 39 070 667815) http://www.cipensacannas.it/

15.00 Departure to Selargius with transfer

15.30 Putzu Bie Pauli - Via Praga Selargius Centro Anffas “Elisabetta Nannini Falchi” http://www.anffasonlussardegna.it/ Tel. 070 8600968 Presidente Pitzalis Rita Angela +39 331 6118868 amministrazione@anffassardegna.it)

Project of Integrated centre for rehabilitation of disabled persons
Issues with the actual implementation of the project

17.00 Departure back to hotel with bus transfer from Selargius to Hotel Regina Margherita

Walk for those who chose to Cat Café before 19.30, via San Giacomo 42, Villanova. A café with cat theraphy and café facilities financed with support of microcredit and Youth Guarantee scheme. Meeting with Cristina Ritano, the owner of the Cat cafe. Telefono: 3475025005. E-mail: catcafechry@libero.it

20.00 Walk to Dinner at www.cucina.eat in Piazza Galileo Galilei, 1 Tel: +39 070 099 1098. Meddi Alessandra. http://www.shopcucina.it/cantina/ mail@shopcucina.it
This restaurant was set up with the ESF microcredit support

Participants are free to chosen other restaurants



08.30 Departure from the hotel Regina Margherita to Managing Authority with bus transfer

Venue: Managing Authority ERDF
Regione Sardegna, Centro Regionale di Programmazione, Via Cesare Battisti, 09123 Cagliari, tel. 070 6064675 (direct number Mr Naseddu 070 606 7365)

09.00 Welcome and introduction of participants
Raffaele Paci, Assessore Programmazione, Bilancio, Credito e Assetto del Territorio, Regione Sardegna
Gianluca Cadeddu Direttore Regional Center of programming
Graziella Pisu, Head of the ERDF Managing Authority

Implementation of the ESI funds and financial instruments in Sardinia – state of play of JESSICA
Marco Naseddu ERDF Managing Authority
Current structure, choices and systems in ROP 2014-2020
Lessons learned 2007-2013 from financial instruments
Compliance with horizontal issues such as state aid

10.45 Coffee break (Le Plus Bon – Telefono +39.070.652976 Luisa– leplusbon2@gmail.com)

11.00 Overview of JESSICA experience in Sardinia : Urban Development Fund (UDF)
Paola del Fabro Banco di Sardegna
Urban development strategy and resources
Examples of projects financed in urban mobility, public services, energy, public spaces, tourism, social inclusion
Challenges in implementation: financing culture, awareness, state aid, public procurement , verification and control

JESSICA SARDEGNA FUND - UDF in energy efficiency and renewable energy – state of play
Marco Naseddu ERDF Managing Authority on behalf of Equiter (Intesa San Paolo Group)
Resources and organisation of UDF in energy
Energy project portfolio in Sardinia
Examples of projects http://www.equiterspa.com/en/project/jessica-sardegna-projects/
Delivery issues with beneficiaries: local authorities

12.30 Departure by walk to lunch

13.00 Lunch (at the expense of participants) at
La Mola sarda Viale Trento, 84, 09123 Cagliari +39 070 280983,

15.00 Departure by walk to project venue

15.30 Public Transport (filobus for public transport) project
Roberto Murru President CTM
Issues with the actual implementation of the project

17.00 Departure back by transfer to hotel and end of study visit